Bigger … cause GREATER!

I recently read a story of a little girl who was taken to the local carnival by her father; they enjoyed the whole fair experience, the rides, the side shows and games that ultimately lead to the winning of an oversized panda bear. As the day came to an end the little girl requested one last treat, fairly floss.

Now here is an opportunity for a little bit of ‘get to know you’ … I love fairly floss. It’s got to be one of life’s best experiences, the way it smells (and sticks), the way it melts in your mouth; something happens when saliva and fairly floss collide, it’s magical.

The vendor hands over the largest stick of sugar candy and says ‘that’s an awful lot of fairy floss for such a little girl’ and she replies ‘it’s ok, I’m bigger on the inside than I am on the outside’.

What a statement!

It’s an undeniable truth, that we are bigger on the inside than we sometimes know … we have much greater capacity, strength and ability than we give ourselves credit for.

What’s amazing is we can go even further than this when we add God to the equation. 1 John 4:4 paints an awesome picture ‘… you come from God and belong to God. You have already won a great victory, for the Spirit in you in far stronger than anything in the world.’

There’s been a thought rolling around my head for weeks, it started as just a faint noise, a whisper but now resonates loudly, I hear it especially when I’m facing a challenge or experiencing self-doubt. I hear ‘bigger, cause greater’.

When we place God at the centre of our lives we discover the possibility of His greatness. In this He gives us the ability to overcome, to navigate hardship and we find our way through!



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