Holding On To Your Worth

I really appreciate open discussion, debate, a group chat that leads to a different point of view, to undiscovered possibilities and ideas that give birth to momentum and vision, conversations that build up and encourage going forward. Recently I was fortunate enough to lead a discussion that did just that. 

We were considering the idea of real value, what really matters in life and the basis for our pursuit for happiness. Out of it came the phrase ‘hold on to your worth’ … not wanting to oversell the outcome, this for me is a revolutionary statement, formalised as the take home message that has rolled around in my head for weeks! I may be wrong but it seems to me we often display a seemingly unrestrained tendency to give away our values in a nod to compromise – why does it seem easier to lean towards flight than fight?

In the gospel narrative of Matthew, Jesus sets up a throw down (see chapter 7 verse 6) … don’t give pearls to swine. Strange statement, even for this Nazarene native who so easily caused controversy in the present day religious circles. His message while somewhat cryptic was simplicity in its purest form… hold tight to your values. In context pearls represent something very precious, a treasure that needs to be protected. In our discussion we explored the metaphor of a pearl being our walk with God, our commitment to His house, the Bible as a road map for the life we wanted to live, the person of Jesus Christ. We discussed those times where instead of fight we took flight and how taking a stand for God was not hiding our pearls but protecting them.

What we value, we esteem – where our heart is, that’s where our treasure is also (Luke 12:34), hold on to your worth!

Anyone know how a pearl is formed? A discussion for another time.  


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