Deeds with Weeds!

If you’re a childhood ‘churchie’ like me then chances are you’ve heard someone preach from Revelation 3:15.

You know the message… its central theme is you’re either hot or cold, and at the lowest point of the narrative (depending on the ‘Christian living’ scale) you’re ‘God vomit’ — especially if things are really bad!

If you add to that the ramped up style of an ol-time evangelist you will really feel the pressure — so much so, that you’ll be begging for the altar call! Don’t misunderstand me, the text has as much relevance now as it did when it was penned on the island of Patmos.

Here’s the message though, what we produce is very important to God! How our life matters peaks his interest, and ultimately determines the health of our God walk and journey.

In the text, ‘deeds’ equal ‘works’ and though works lack saving power they are an excellent indicator our of spiritual health. They matter, they mean something significant particularly as we chase light and pursue God.

As we work towards developing a God conscience and a Jesus culture, metaphorically our life is much like a vineyard, the best fruit can often be destroyed by the weeds, a quiet creeper that suffocates and ultimately stunts our growth. A well protected garden produces the best fruit, the best fruit makes the sweetest juice.

Let’s commit to deeds without weeds, so we can make God smile!

Hebrews 13:15-16


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