God On Sunday!

Strange title I know … it started after a journey through the book of Numbers recently, at a time when Israel stood in the door of opportunity that would see entry into the Promised Land but not without its challenges.

That fateful day they wrestled with the promise of God, the challenges that would ensue and their leaders whom given recent events had started to lose favour in the people’s sight.

Stunning if not almost impossible to believe they wished for slavery over possibility (see Numbers 14:1), further than that they forgot God! My central narrative is this – careful of your humanity cause sometimes the best of who we are can often times be the worst, ugly in its resistance towards situations that we don’t desire or care for, though necessary they are.

This is a situation that the people of Israel would repeat over and over again, seeking the deliverance of God in the bad times and forgetting God in the good times. It’s not a problem with intellect or brains, the wisest man of all time, King Solomon found the same folly, the problem is our humanity.

Why do we so often seek the hand of God but not the face of God? It’s a tragic case of no time for church on Sunday but God please meet my need on Monday!

Ultimately, God desires for us to chase him (chasing light!) not just for what He has but for who He is. When we pursue God for God our hope is anchored in Him alone, when our desire is to know Him we find ourselves in worship, a lifestyle that produces fruit and makes God smile.

Our walk with God can’t be a diarised event nor can it just be mere words expressed on Sunday, our song has to sing on Monday.

Can I love God through my pain, in hard times that I don’t understand, when I have more questions than answers? Can I sing like Paul and Silas with my back bleeding, can my worship be more than just a song? Can I chase the face of God and not just seek the hand of God? Can I be found in the house of God serving even when I don’t feel like it?

That Grace which is God’s ability to overcome will get us through to do just that.


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