The Gospel Is Me

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time thinking about how much God really does love me (and you).

The more I contemplate this infallible, undeniable truth I slip further away from actually being able to adequately describe it … it is the very definition of indescribable. It’s not that I don’t know the words or that somehow my vocabulary is limited but that possibly the words simply don’t exist. I fall so short in drawing a satisfactory picture — my words just can’t get there.

Consider the Gospels and find yourself hidden in the narrative. Let me explain, I recently caught an excerpt of literary genius written by Brennan Manning who said ‘As we turn the pages of the Gospels we discover that the people Jesus encountered there are you and me.’

I made this journal note after pondering this; “I’m Bartimaeus, blind and helpless. I’m Jairus, a scared father without all the answers. I’m Nicodemus approaching God in the dark trying to hide my weakness so nobody will see. I’m the Leper, I’m unwashed, I’m broken, I have an alabaster jar; I have an offering.”

The central theme is this; the Father is very fond of you and me. The concept behind chasing light is simple, find God and you find everything. It’s that place where everything comes together … it’s what happens when hope passes by, it’s the surge of pure joy you get when we touch him, it’s that unmistakable mark on our lives that occurs when love changes everything.

See Luke 8:40-56 and find yourself — the Gospel is you and me!

Thanks Chasers… Nathan

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