Blind Faith

Recently my son Aaron shared a thought with me that he had been throwing around in his head. Knowing that I love punchy quotes he presented me with the following, “Sometimes you need blind faith to truly see.”

Since then I have stood tall, proud of my teenage boy’s creative pursuit, quietly basking in his desire to Chase Light and find God in his own journey. While pondering this simple truth I confront my own weakness. I think this is something we all share in our humanity — I often find I search for proof before I entertain possibility, most things need to be seen to be believed and so my fear for the unknown limits potential and I shrink back and play the game of ‘wait-and-see’ while my dreams quietly fade away into the background. Am I alone?

The reality is that sometimes faith may walk in darkness; blind but not scared, faith is always ready to stare down impossibility, fight the giant, climb the mountain, and take a leap.

One of my favourite bible hero’s, Noah, did exactly this. In what can only be described as blind faith Noah heard God speak and built a boat. Not only did the technology and tooling not exist to undertake such a wild venture but at this time in history an ‘ark’ had never been necessary. The world had never seen rain much less a flood. After Noah encounters God he not only has to reconcile building something huge that had never been needed, but he also had to build it for something that had never even happened before … this is not only blind faith but crazy faith too.

So let’s talk faith. In his book ‘What Is Faith?’ theologian R.C Sproul asks if ‘faith’ refers to an attitude of hope, a commitment to trust, or something else? This question not only deserves consideration but a lifetime of pursuit.
Ultimately my feeling is this, faith starts in trust and lives in hope! It is built on the reality that God is God and I am not. It’s a confidence that should not be thrown away whatever the circumstance and wherever the wind blows. It’s preserved by patient endurance and ultimately never disappoints, come what may (see Hebrews 10:35-36).

Finally, it’s something for all of us to aim for and pursue… in the dark, in the struggle… blindly, because in the words of John Newton who wrote the famous hymn Amazing Grace … but now I see.

Thanks Aaron!