There is something about a dream . . . a desire that we care for like a child. Like a tree, it starts with a seed planted in the soil of our hearts, watered by desire, we watch it grow in the hope that someday we will be able touch it and enjoy its fruit. Our dreams are mysterious if not magical.

Joseph was a dreamer. One day, while on assignment from his father, a young Joseph is in search of his brothers. From a distance his brothers watch him approach. Wrestling with the bitterness anchored in their hearts they are consumed by envy. Hatred motivates them to plot his death because of the favour that Joseph carries with their father… hate turns us into monsters. In an effort to mock they quip, “here comes that dreamer” (Genesis 37: 18-20 MSG). Words designed to mock him are for me a considerable compliment. Had Joseph heard them I’m sure he would have taken it the same. Like the dorky kid at school who just doesn’t seem to get it, I can see him walking off thinking to himself “I am a dreamer…” there is so much to like about his story.

The challenge we all face is not the dream but the waking up … I remember a great quote I heard some time ago, from where I don’t recall, it went something like this ‘oversleeping will never make your dreams come true!’  It’s the difference between having the dream and celebrating its reality.

Writing is something of a dream for me, a desire that started small with hopes of going onto bigger things. For me my problem is not the subject matter — all you really need is an opinion and a platform to express it (to you the reader, thanks for listening!) My problem is I simply don’t have the ability or the education to consider myself a writer. I still struggle with ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’, my grammar is almost non-existent and my over-use of exclamation points drives our trusty proof readers crazy. But, I do it anyway! (!!!)

I’ve planted a dream seed and when I write I water it. That’s what is so admirable of Joseph. While in captivity he continued to dream and tell his story. Undeterred by the hardships of slavery and prison he continued to dream and water and ultimately he realised.

Every seed has the potential to become and is designed for becoming a plant, a tree, a fruit. Every dream is designed to become a reality. Don’t oversleep, wake up and realise it.

Genesis 41:14 ‘Pharaoh sent for Joseph’.

Thanks for reading,