That I May Know Him

One of the greatest statements of the Apostle Paul for me is found in Philippians 3:10 where he writes ‘that I may know Him’… When you consider the context and the author it’s an astounding statement.

To know God – to really know Him is a pilgrimage, a journey worth a life time. I’ve learnt though that one of the biggest obstacles to knowing God is me! I’ve observed in church circles of all brands and flavours that people have a funny view of God, often determined by what we want God to be. Let me explain…

I often find even in my own experience that I hope for the God I want – not the God who is. The danger here is I start to put God in a box just because it suits. The reality is, if I don’t really know Him for who He is, over what I want Him to be, I make Him whatever suits my own imagination. If I can make God fit my circumstance then as my circumstances change, my view of Him changes too. The result is I lean towards a belief system that becomes self-serving and often times very far from the truth and reality of who He is.

The path often less traveled is finding God for who He really is, not what I want him to be… Like Paul said, “that I may know Him”… the right way. In the Message 1 John 2:3 reads like this ‘here’s how we can be sure that we know God in the right way.’ The Amplified expands this, stating that knowing God is achieved through ‘experiencing Him daily’.

Here’s the point: to know Him like Paul preached, is achieved through a daily experience, pursuing the touch of God that leaves a mark and changes me, by chasing light that leads me to Him; finding God in my EVERY DAY ordinary!

John 6:35

Bless ya,