Hope in the Storm (Part 1)

I recently wrote a blog titled ‘When Hope Passes By’ inspired by Luke 18:35-42 and the story of a blind man from Jericho. It’s a side thought, but I often wonder about the nameless individuals we read of in the bible, we can sometimes get lost in the primary narrative of these stories that we forget there’s a background to the landscape, people with names, lives and families… anyway, I digress.

Back to Jericho’s blind … the story goes that he was without sight sitting by the roadside, marginalised and forgotten in the dirt, begging for table scraps and waste as people passed by. This was his lot in life day after day after day.

One day lost in his despair Jesus came to town and hope passed him by – I don’t know how he recognised hope, I doubt he had ever really tasted it. Maybe it was the crowd, maybe it was the rumblings of the Pharisees with whispers about this start up from Nazareth, whatever the case, that day was different from all the others and so was this man they called Jesus.

To Jericho’s down and out, mercy would make a difference, for years he had endured the storms of life … today it would stop raining.

In Acts 27 we have the opportunity to survey the storm Paul faced and endured while on the way to Rome. But first, some of my own thoughts on HOPE:

Hope goes beyond the borders of our pain.
Hope goes through the depths of our sorrows.
Hope rises above our weakness.
Hope shines bright in the darkest night.
Hope is enough!
Hope breaks down and hope breaks through walls.
It doesn’t disappoint.
It doesn’t leave empty.
It doesn’t fade away.
Hope stands up.
Hope stands tall.
Hope holds on and hope sees through.