Hope in the Storm (Part 4)

Hold Onto Your Ships!

In our previous blog we asked two questions: 1- Will I get through the storm? and 2- How will I get through the storm?

To answer the question of HOW, we go to the finale of Acts 27.

The captain of the ship is resigned to reality, the boat is not going to stay afloat, the storm is going to destroy everything and so he shouts ‘every man for himself!’ and courageously abandons ship. Great, if you can swim – but if you can’t it’s a case of grab something that floats and paddle kick your way to dry land.

In his book ‘The God of More When Life Gives You Less’ Benny Perez shares his personal story of navigating the storm citing Paul’s journey to Rome. In offering his wisdom gained through personal pain and tragedy, he offers, essentially suggests that when life is falling apart and is battered by challenge and trial, as Christians we need to ‘hold onto our “ships’. Going further he breaks these down as being: stewardship, discipleship, worship and fellowship.

At this point I want to offer a nod in Perez’ direction- I’ve never forgotten this after the first time I learned it, and for that I’m very thankful. It’s a tremendous and deep revelation that has significant and far-reaching truth.

Too many times in the midst of trouble we throw the wrong things overboard, often times we forsake the very things God gives us to stay afloat in the midst of the storm. Incidentals that we so easily take for granted like:

Stewardship: the gifts of God that we are in need of protecting.
Discipleship: that helps mould and shape us to be what God wants us to be.
Worship: that leads us through the storm so the waves don’t drag us under, this is achieved by looking up, which is where we find God.
Fellowship: the art of not standing alone but standing with others so our back is covered at all times.

Finally, HOPE which as we have been exploring, is what makes all the difference… when it’s anchored to God.