Jesus in the Chair

Have you ever struggled to spend time in prayer? We all have, right? Sometimes this element of our Christian walk seems allusive and difficult.

I recently heard a story of a man struggling to find God in prayer, he went to his pastor and shared about his challenge. The pastor gave him a book to read but it left him more confused and further away from his goal.

Later, he would go on a retreat to explore prayer and find God in quiet solitude, but found little genuine breakthrough.

Talking to a friend he asked, “Where do you normally like to pray?” “In my room, on my bed”, he replied.

His friend suggested that he should place a chair next to his bed and imagine Jesus was sitting in that chair, “pray as if Jesus is sitting right there and you’re just speaking straight to Him.”

To his surprise this worked for him, though he never shared it with anyone in the home for fear that they would think he was crazy for praying to an empty chair.

Years later he would be bed ridden with inoperable cancer.

One morning his daughter coming to his room to check on him, found her father had passed away, when sharing her story she shared to family and friends that she felt he had passed peacefully, but noted a curious thing… when finding her father as he lay dead, she found him with his head gently resting on the chair near his bed.

I would really like to add my own words to this amazing story but any effort to complement, add weight or value would fall terribly short, except to say this; I love you Lord.