Christian or Not

The Apostle Paul can be remembered for a lot of good things, his missionary journeys that caused the Gospel to shine. The churches he planted, the people he invested in, the legacy he left each and all, the message he preached, the life he lived.

One of those legacies is his ministry to the Gentiles and message to the Jews. The book of Romans explores the contrast that existed between the early church and the Jewish nation – we see Paul reminding the reader that we’re all saved by Grace despite our works, however great in our eyes they may be. Fundamentally his message was Jew or Gentile, tall or short, black or white, Christian or not!

The theme I hope to develop in this blog is that sometimes we get caught up in our Christian lives and narrative that allows us to build a utopian world that creates (if left without balance) an ‘us and them’ mentality, and as a result, an unworkable relational view. We shut our doors and we disconnect and then claim a desire to reach a world we can’t even talk to.

Sometimes we forget that we all warm under the same sun, we all sleep under the same stars, we share the same air… do we not all share the same cross that stood tall on Calvary’s Hill?

In Romans 5:6 Paul writes ‘When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.’

And died for us sinners.

Socrates is quoted: “the life unexamined is not worth living.” Paul said: “As God’s messenger, I give each of you this warning: be honest in how you estimate yourselves, measuring your value…”

In a Gospel narrative we are called to measure our value as the same as everyone else, we are reminded to recognise that the Son of Man came for all of humanity and we are called to love and accept every person, not their lifestyle, not their world view but them… the person, the people, humanity… Christian or not!