What the Hell?!

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a friend who had read a book based on a revelation of hell. I personally had also read the same book many years prior – while I’m a little indifferent to the subject matter I do have an opinion or more accurately, a reflective thought.

I certainly don’t want to be controversial in the expression of my view however; I realise it may be difficult to avoid. None-the-less, fingers crossed and here we go…

Hell is a place I believe in. The Bible demonstrates a clear reference point for its existence and purpose – the flip side is a much greater thought, a place called heaven, the city of God.

Back to the conversation I referenced earlier, the discussion point was motivation. To me, personally, heaven is a much greater search point for salvation than the alternative.

In essence the thought of hell doesn’t inspire the pursuit of God anywhere near as much as the face of Jesus does. Like the old chorus sings ‘living He loved me, dying He saved, buried He carried my sins far away, rising He justified freely forever and one day He’s coming, Oh glorious day.’

Mostly it’s because of the cross that He paid the price, scripture tells us that He went to hell and took the keys of death and life and because Jesus went there I don’t have to.

The take home message for me is as I said earlier, my personal narrative, salvation is based on a picture of God’s love for me, God’s love for you and for humanity… this is my reality that inspires salvation, that fuels the fire to chase light.

I will never forget one message I heard that went something like this;

“I don’t care if heaven’s mansions are nothing but cardboard shanties, and if the golden streets are nothing but mud roads and if the pearly gates are just wooden slats that swing on leather hinges… if Jesus is there, it will be heaven for me.”

To me, I want a revelation of heaven!