Law & Order

Yep! I’m a fan of the show too although I’m not sure an ex rapper really comes off playing a hardened NYC cop well. But that’s not what this blog is about.

In a recent journey through some of the most challenging chapters of the New Testament found in Romans chapters 6, 7 and 8 I have chosen to adopt the title ‘Law & Order’.

Largely debatable and hotly contested, many have struggled with Paul’s positioning and view of Hebrew Law, sin and ultimately what the cross did to change everything.

For centuries scholars and everyday Christians have argued the place of the Law and humanity’s struggle with reconciling it and The Cross, not to mention how amazing Grace weaves through it all like Grandmas winter knitting yarn, dividing many straight down the middle.

My goal in this blog is not to be controversial; I certainly don’t want to get stuck in the muck, lest causing anyone to stumble. I simply want to revel in the astounding words of Paul’s writing allowing God to bring revelation and do His perfect work in us all (see Phil 12:2 and don’t forget the fear and trembling which puts God in the driver’s seat, not us).

It’s chapter 7 that I want to talk about today. Paul starts out with highlighting the immutable fact that we are no longer bound by the law, reminding us that dying with Christ takes us to the next level. (On a side note I read a quote this week by Phil Pringle that goes something like this: “As Saviour Jesus died for us, as Lord we die for Him.”)

In the middle of the chapter Paul illustrates that the law still has a value in highlighting our humanity and flaws which is useful and profitable.

But the real magic for me is in his close. Paul, in a way only he could do, expresses unbelievable honesty and grace as he pulls himself apart, without hesitation he lays himself bare, a quality I admire and covet. He confronts his humanity to show Christ and reveals to us the secret winning formula: Romans 7:25 ‘The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord.’

When I go straight to the Saviour I unlock the chains that bind me, I find peace and the ability to overcome. Grace abounds and I produce good fruit that makes God smile, Jesus is the answer, this is amazing grace and now I begin to understand the law and my life finds order.