Revealing Jesus


Isaiah 9:6 …and His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace…

Easter is arguably the most significant day on the Christian calendar — religions of every stripe and creed will celebrate this weekend in their own way. While there may be some antiquated traditions that miss the mark or may even be erroneous in many respects I’m moved to take heart in the reality that a large proportion of human kind will be forced to consider the Easter message … most, if not many, even if for just a brief moment will need to ask who is Jesus? Is He the Prince of Peace or a Prince of Fools? Could He be all that the Bible testifies or was He just an historical foot note? Like with many things, asking questions is the first step necessary to getting somewhere.

The harmony of the Gospels tells the story of His arrest, Judas gave the prearranged sign sealing His capture with a kiss. A detachment of soldiers and temple guards step forward to inquire of the Saviour and He confronts them with a question: who is it you are looking for? A question for humanity that we as Christians can answer this weekend.

As we approach this weekend we stand in the shadow of the cross – the non-believer will be confronted with who Jesus is regardless of choice — Judas led the crowd to Jesus to betray Him — can we lead them to Jesus to reveal Him?