As I write this I’m sitting in a rented home with some of my best mates recovering from a grueling 36 holes of golf.

It’s day two and we are here in Tasmania, an hour and a half south of Launceston in a beach-side town called Bridport. It’s a majestic place nestled off the cliffs of the Bass Strait.

We are playing the 11th ranked top golf course in the world called, Barnbougle Dunes and its sister golf course Lost Farm.

So we all know I’m not a travel writer so why the blog?

Today’s first round for me was a shocker; I had no rhythm, no tempo and my swing was as terrible as my score reflected.

After about 6 holes of frustration I started to get down on myself and quickly forgot where I was. Even with the poor golf performance I was walking some of the most beautiful country in the world, sand capped dunes, rolling hills and ocean as far as the eye could see.

The problem… I was so internally focused that I stopped looking up to catch what surrounded me.

I had a complete lack of perspective that was filtered through what I was looking at: my game and the ground.

Searching for my swing I began to look up and appreciate what surrounded me.
See, when we look up we see beauty and God’s grace and provision; we catch meaning and purpose and given enough time and patience all the pieces start to fall into place.

It’s amazing what we see when we look up!