Rahab: the Mother of Kings

This title needs a sub heading: What God can do in our mess when we surrender to Him!

It’s the book of Joshua and God has promised a remarkable victory over the Canaanites and their stronghold city of Jericho. But before the trumpets and shouting — an unlikely hero; a prostitute named Rahab.

Joshua the ever-present Hebrew general strategises in a ‘know your enemy’ plan, and sends spies into the city to gather intelligence, where they meet Rahab.

In an elaborate plot that involves lying and concealing, Rahab protects the spies and orchestrates safe passage and escape — but nothing costs nothing. In doing so she ensures that she and her family will be saved, not merely through her chivalry but also through her revelation, that God is the God of heaven and earth (see Joshua 2:8-11).

What’s remarkable is she would marry into the Jewish nation and her lineage would give way to King David and the King Of Kings, Jesus Christ.

A single life changing moment and decision to let God into her mess altered the course of her future and ushered in the greatest event the world has ever seen, the birth of a King born in a manger.

What can God do in your mess and mistakes?

I owe a shout out to author Andy Stanley for the title inspired by his book, ‘The Grace of God.’