Antique Cross

Recently my wife and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary, I could write volumes of how time flies. We took a day to escape the boundaries of a packed schedule and steal some quiet time – our destination? The Highlands – headed South down state where everything moves at a manageable pace. Where the air is crisp and fresh. A wonderland with winter gardens and antique shops that smell awesome.

I’m always moved by these relics of history, pieces of furniture and trinkets that echo the past, they all tell a story.

Nestled in the back, hidden in a corner was some prized pieces that caught my attention, particularly an office desk with old England connections. The wood work was masterful, I can’t imagine the time and effort it took to form this desk from a tree. I couldn’t wait to investigate its number, the price tag… $38,000!

It caused me to think about the value of things.

In 2003 a start up platform launched, you may have heard of them, LinkedIn. They had a slow start but found their mojo and grew to 332,000,000 members in 2014. LinkedIn sold recently to Microsoft for $23 billion! So we have an antique table and tech platform… SOLD.

Again, the value of things.

Isaiah 52:3 records ‘for this is what the Lord says: “You were sold for nothing, and without money you will be redeemed.”

Often times you can’t pay money for something that’s priceless, that’s you and me. Second, how much for an antique, old wooden cross? Priceless.
Third, how much for redemption? Life.

God gave His best and Jesus gave His all.

Bless ya,