Too Busy!

It’s a place called the skull, death is comfortable here.

On a hill called Calvary, today is just like any other for the Romans and their death machine known as the crucifixion. It’s a warning; break the law or our peace and you will suffer.

In the middle of the Jewish celebration, today they just do their bidding, right or wrong has no place here, no weight or bearing, just follow orders.

As they make their way through the city uphill, the cries of the forgotten, the daughters of Jerusalem weep for their man who bleeds the street a crimson red. Soon they will be crying out for the mountains to fall on them as they watch hope fade into the distance. Searching for meaning in the madness He is gone.
Simon carries the dead man’s tree, he did it out of fear and self-preservation.

There are two more charged with death, two criminals. One would mock Him, the other would look into His eyes and see the truth that would set him free, and find paradise in the middle of hell.

Can you imagine the sound of His passion as He prayed, “Father, forgive them”?

Who is this man? The centurion caught it, just like the criminal who saw through the mystery and caught a glimpse of the Christ.

The story of the cross — I’ve shared it more times than I can count, Grace so amazing it can’t be measured, it will take eternity to capture it all. Tonight as I write this I’m stuck on the statement they made as they served Him vinegar for His thirst: “if you are a King, save yourself.”

We know He could have right, He could have called a legion of angles to come down and take care of business. That’s the kind of fight you get pay per-view for!

But here’s the thing… He was too busy saving me to think about Himself!

Charles Wesley wrote in 1738:
‘And can it be that I should gain an interest in the Saviour’s blood.
Died He for me who caused His pain.
For me who death pursued.
Amazing love how can it be, that thou should die for me.’