Love You More!

There’s a lady in our church, Georgette. She’s a little bit crazy — in a good way. I’m thinking about her this morning; she came to mind after a marathon session of season two of ‘The Flash’ with Aaron last night.

In one of the episodes when Joe West and his daughter Iris are saying goodbye, Joe declares “I love you” as Iris responds “I love you more.” Georgette is fond of the same reply… ‘I love you more.’

So I know this isn’t all together a ground breaking phrase, it’s not new but it’s what my brain is mulling over this morning. The symptoms of either a TV food overdose from last night or God is speaking to my heart.

Love is a tender word, it suggests a significance and a value of something or someone. We all know that this phrase is common place, it can be over used and under used, misapplied and misunderstood, overvalued and devalued, it weaves in and out of our relationships, society and the Hollywood B grade rom-com Brangelina world we live in.

‘I love you more’ is the message of the cross which came out of the heart of God.

Can you hear Jesus speaking those words as He entered the garden of Gethsemane, as He prayed to the Father? When the soldiers came with batons and swords to violently take the Prince of Peace? Can you hear Him whisper those words while chained and beaten in the basement of Caiaphas’ house? As he walked the Via Dolorosa, up a Jerusalem hill towards a place called The Skull? As he stretched His body on the wooden cross, completely broken to take one last breath and declare Tetelestai, “it is finished” — echoing through those three words… I love you more?

John Lennon caught something when the Beetles launched their ‘Love Is All You Need’ single (I’m hoping your humming the tune now).

My thought this morning is this, a lot of people know they are loved, but the magic is often not in the knowledge but in the verbalisation of it.

This morning I woke up to Heavens whisper, gentle and tender, I love you more… maybe you need to hear it today too!