When Heaven Whispers

As I write this blog I’m at 32,000 feet descending into the Gold Coast. I’ve had a morning to say the least. I’m grateful for an understanding wife who helped me through the journey today ‘man should not be alone’ as I mutter under my breath, “yes, amen!”

I’ve been chasing light and working on my prayer life. I’ve never had issues finding time to reflect on higher things or make room for God in my dreams and desires. In addition, being a pastor and church leader not to mention playing a part in a worship team, it’s not hard to automatically reach for God. But, that’s not a substitute for your own personal prayer life. 

And so I reach for Him, feeling His lead that asks me to follow. 

It’s not a motivation to encourage heaven to move, I’m not chasing green lights or trying to force Gods hand, it’s just His voice, His leading. This is often called ‘heaven’s whisper’ or God’s ‘still small voice.’ 

There’s nothing better than being on a plane, no phone or email to steal my attention, and so I read to inspire my desire for Gods leading. As I read He whispers: “take the small room…” Immediately I know the context. 

Some background: I’m headed to a sales conference for work, where we’ll be sharing rooms in an apartment. I’m the senior so automatically I get the ensuite — for whatever reason God is calling me to humility. 

Could His instruction not have been something more spectacular? Something seemingly more supernatural? But, if you’ve caught my last blog, it’s the ‘nothing’s’ that are so often ‘something’.

The bible declares that we can hear Him speak — it puts it in the context of the sheep and the shepherd… “My sheep hear My voice” it’s a master stroke as Jesus brings truth that can revolutionise our world. We are sheep, the voice of the Shepherd is instructive and critical, obedience leads to pastures and rest. 

I’m not sure why He bids me to humility this week, I feel like something is in the wind, God is orchestrating something that is sure to bless and increase me — as He grows and matures my walk and strengthens my spirit. When I reflect on my morning, I need it.    

I’m finishing this blog in the taxi as we head to the conference site, my primary thought is this: thank you Lord for talking to me.