He Calls and Asks Me to Die

“When Jesus calls a man, He bids him to come and die.”

These are the words of the renowned pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, when you consider who he was; they are as stunning as they are difficult. There is a strange eeriness to them, almost haunting as I read these words off the page. They echo loudly bouncing of the walls of time, floating through the annuls of history they come alive.

A German patriarch, Bonhoeffer literally stood against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, he was sentenced to a concentration camp where he was later executed by the Gestapo. When you reflect on his life and his death, his words carry, they resound, as I read them I ask myself to listen.

This morning I’m pondering the life of the prodigal who gambled and lost, gave everything away for misadventure and introduced himself to misfortune, tossing his values overboard he made his bed with farm animals and foreigners… and then one day he died. 

Scripture tells us ‘and when he came to himself’ life returned and so did the son; metaphorically back from the dead he was received into his father’s house and restored.

In his book ‘The Signature of Jesus’, Brennan Manning writes: “somehow we must lose our life in order to find it.”

I’m asking myself to listen.