Tapestry of Grace

Mary, my grandmother. I caught myself recently reminiscing, she was a sweet soul full of care and concern for family and friends. She had an ability to make you feel safe, her touch left a memory on my life that I still cherish today. I remember her with fondness and miss her greatly. Like many of her generation she liked ‘tapestry’ — I’m guessing it’s an almost forgotten art form. 

Tapestry is a piece of thick textile fabric that is weaved together with coloured threads formed to make a picture. It’s beautiful, but in its beauty it holds complexity, it’s intricate like any piece of art, it tells a story.

I’m moved by the definition as I remember some of my grandmother’s pieces, what captivates me is the weaving over and under and what happens in that complexity. The stories between the threads that bring colour and form pictures.

The Bible states “that we are God’s masterpiece” — can you see it? There are times when God is weaving through the different seasons of our lives, forming a design that will lead to a picture that tells a story. Your story. Your journey.

Ephesians 2:10 goes on to say that “He has created us” — if you’re anything like me you sometimes struggle with seeing what God is designing, maybe it’s the colours He is meshing together or, maybe the thread that we weave in and out of. 

I’ve learnt and am still learning that it’s a trust thing, can I allow God to be in control and weave in-between my dreams, my desires and my well-formed plans in order to produce His story? 

The verse finishes with “so we can do good things He planned for us long ago.”

I’m wanting to let God finish the work of art, the masterpiece that I am and He wants me to be. 

And you can to!