Making Kings

Jesus feeds the five thousand – it’s one of my favourite bible stories. I remember the kids church dot-to-dot exercises, the feverish attempts to stay within the lines on the colouring papers in the old church hall. I remember the smell of the old timber floors as we sat in circles to learn Jesus.

The story holds so much for us, it reminds us that He cares enough to see us fed, physically and spiritually. It holds for us truth, that He did miracles, to remind us that God lives.

The narratives hold for us precious gems and hidden treasure, God goes beyond expectations and human capacity, it only begins with twelve baskets left after they all had their fill. But it’s verse fifteen that has my attention.

“Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and make him King by force, withdrew again to a mountain by himself.”

The word ‘King’ has several interesting synonyms, here are just a few: ruler, sovereign, majesty, even lord. But none of them list saviour!

Those who purposed to make Him King sought a much lesser descriptor of King… In this context, it falls short.

They didn’t need a ruling tyrant with bestowed majesty that comes from man. Flowing robes that gave a false sense of importance that only impressed the elite. They needed a saviour.

He came in swaddling clothes, born in a stable with the ewes and livestock to herald Him. Along with the stars that filled Jerusalem’s sky.

They needed something greater than a king. They had sought kings before, their ancestors lead them to ruin. They needed a sacrifice found in a saviour. On Calvary, they would see His majesty. His splendour. His magnificence. At Calvary, they would see their SAVIOUR KING!

They wanted a king – God gave them a Saviour!