Say Nothing

In today’s modern day church we find like never before a clash of thinking when it comes to EVANGELISM. What works, what doesn’t? Do we need to take a step back and give the subject and if not, more importantly the process a fresh look? The next generation is divided; today social culture is more and more diverse, culturally and spiritually.

In their insightful and intelligent book ‘UnChristian’ critics of Christianity, David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons observe the Mosaic and Buster generation. A journey that highlights a view of Christianity and the Church from the outside; stunning if not at all surprising, it establishes the need for a shift in thinking and our approach.

Significantly, by observation it seems completely evident that the modern day church needs to operate on a new plain than that of the previous movement. In an age where culture changes quickly, at a time where self-expression is freedom and social media is a life line we must adapt and change.

Millard J. Erickson said in reference to a healthy church ‘it is incumbent upon the church to utilize all legitimate means and technologies available today.’ The understanding that a contemporary approach stemming from a creative expression; art, music; leadership; management and influence is essential to a growing, relevant modern day church.

Francis of Assisi said ‘Preach the Gospel … and if absolutely necessary use words!’

Finally, our best approach to evangelism is that modelled by the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). That we would engage in a form of ministry and evangelism that demonstrates our compassion and care by our works, a social concern that motivates us to care about social injustice, by giving to meet a need, by feeding the hungry, bringing hope to the hopeless, by loving those unloved (James 1:27).

By simply adding action to aid, by caring with deeds not empty words, by saying nothing we are doing everything!