Messages from the Hill (Part 2)

In a recent social media post I shared a biblical theme that is a constant thread from Genesis to Revelation and here it is; when God speaks He always whispers change!
When Jesus began to build His band of brothers, the disciples, he approached the one called Peter and prophesied ‘if you follow me I will transform you’. If our Christian walk seeks truth, it’s echoed in our transformation.
There are various forms of changes, in terms of time it can come incrementally or in leaps and bounds, however change is what’s important (whether it’s dollars or cents) (sorry, that’s a poor joke even for me). And so this leads me to Part 2 of our ‘Message from the Hill’ where Jesus presents the Beatitudes.
The significance in simple Gospel truth is impossible to quantify. The magnitude of this moment that started on a hill near Capernaum continues to echo down through the generations for me and for you. In them is heaven’s whisper to change — blessed are the meek and those who mourn, be happy with un-explainable joy when you’re persecuted, ridiculed and shamed for doing what is right!
Does anyone want to confess what we’ve all thought when reading this — Jesus are you crazy? But this form of revolutionary thinking is the hallmark of the ‘God’ walk. This ‘turn the other cheek’, ‘love your neighbour’, ‘show tender mercy’ display is a disciple’s default position. It’s not crazy, just different! And that is the substance of the Beatitudes, just a beautiful-attitude that goes against the grain and swims against the tide upstream.
Consider the story of the Good Samaritan. The common good is not common practice, even in Christian circles, another supreme example of ‘not crazy, just different’ as the Samaritan stops to bend down and pick up, to show Jesus. In what part of your life is God whispering ‘change’ today?
Maybe there’s a Beatitude quality that God is prodding you on, a nudge towards showing mercy for you have received mercy. Or maybe God is reminding you of your need for Him, does anyone not need God more? Or maybe today, you just need to hear that following Christian values is not crazy, just different and isn’t that who and what we are called to be?