In the Dark

The Gospel of John, chapter six and it’s been a day! Jesus has been going punch for punch with the modern day thinkers, speaking truth to leaders blinded by their own deceit. Men without morals or integrity who walk around like they have both in spades.

Our humanity at times really is flawed. But as I said earlier it’s been quite a day. Ministry often has its ‘highs’ and its fair share of ‘lows’. For example, the disciples have witnessed a miracle, the thousands fed out of the single lunch box of a small boy. Jesus could have been king if He let the people crown Him. (Side note, if you chase the approval of the people you’ll only ever wear the crown of man. Jesus taught us to aim higher).

There’s enough evidence to suggest the disciples ended their day on a high, but here comes the dark! ‘When evening had come, his disciples went down to the sea, got in a boat, and started across to Capernaum. It was now dark…’ it wasn’t just night or evening.

The darkness came.

Just in case you think I’m playing on words a little too much to justify a message title or worse massaging context and scripture to suit my message, read the story. ‘The sea became rough because a strong wind was blowing.’ The King James Version called it ‘a great wind…’ the Amplified says the wind was ‘rising’ — this was a real storm, a battering was coming, the darkness was real. Here’s where I’m at, some of our best moments happen in the dark. I’m not talking blind folded like Sandra Bullock in The Bird Box (just so I can feel trendy by making a pop-culture reference, or maybe you’ll DM to say how on point I am).

Sometimes we don’t have the full picture, sometimes God orchestrates our moments this way.

Sometimes we see things better in the dark.

Sometimes we learn to trust more in the dark.

Sometimes we see Jesus in the dark.

Sometimes it takes the darkness to see the light.

Here is one thing I find fascinating about the disciples, that in the storm, they saw Jesus, in the darkness they invited Him into the boat. ‘Then (put an emphasis on ‘then’) they were glad to take Him into the boat…’ when you put an emphasis on ‘then’ I hope it does to you what the experience does to me every time I catch it. When I recognise my need for Him (ref Matthew 5:3) then, the darkness and the storm points me towards Him, towards trust, towards faith.

Notice what happens next. ‘…immediately (again take the time to note the emphasis, it means immediately, right away, that moment, then) immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going.’

All this happened in the dark.