Where To From Here (Series)

Where To From Here?

It’s a question that’s been bouncing around my head for a while now. I’ve mostly used it as a leadership reference point. Though it has so many applications when considering your next move.

The reality I often find myself in is before I know where I’m going I need to know where I am. We often end up in the wrong place because we don’t take enough time to know where we are. For example, how many people do you know ask themselves ‘how did I get here?’ This relationship, this job, this life? Knowing where you are requires challenging why you’re there and that requires asking hard questions, challenging conformity, compromise or maybe laziness.

Maybe your values or lack of them have brought you to where you are. I recently read a quote by clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson who wrote

“If the world you are seeing is not the world you want, it’s time to examine your values.”

Asking the question ‘Where To From Here’ is a starting point. A commitment to confronting where you are. By simply asking this question you position yourself to reset. Reset your priorities, your focus, ultimately the exercise will help you change direction, walking toward where you want to go.

So, where to from here? I love what the prophet Micah said, ‘I will look for the Lord, I will wait for God, my God will hear me.’

Our busted and broken humanity often sees us walking through life like nomads. Walking around, bouncing off life’s walls from one hurt to the next, one disappointment after the other, relationship, choices and all manner of other things.

Asking ‘where to from here?’ inspires reflection, aligns desires with reality. Asking ‘where to from here?’ stops to listen.

What is God saying?

Where is God leading?

Notice Micah’s pause… I will look to God. There’s the pause, the question, where to from here God?

Then, the confidence, ‘my God will hear me.’