Where To From Here? Part Two

Bartimaeus is defined as the ‘son of Timaios, son of Thimaeus.’

I often think we forget who’s kid we are.

It’s easy to have a ‘ho hum’ attitude about the reality that the God of Angel Armies is our Father.

We are sons and daughters of the King.

Having a Father means that we also have a home, a safe place to dwell. A secret place. Like the old song sings, a ‘fair haven of rest for the weary.’

Consider the Prodigal.

Committed to folly and misadventure he abandons his values and falls in a ditch. Isolated and alone he is stuck in the muck, with no way out he asks an important question: where to from here? Of course I’m paraphrasing.

The bible says ‘coming to himself’ he asks ‘how many of my fathers servants…’

So ‘where to from here?