Honour (Part 1)

If you check out Grammarist you might find a debate on the correct spelling of honour. We who live in the British colonies spell honour differently than our American fam. We also drive on opposite sides of the road and let’s not get started on the metric system! But mostly for today’s blog journey I hope to apply a play on words rather than poke fun at our differences.

And so, “honor is spelt with a you” is intended to remind us all that it starts with us, me and you.

Honour I think is a forgotten value.

I think we expect honour to be bestowed but rarely given. We hesitate to go first because it’s a high risk gesture, like a high-five that’s not returned and we’re left hanging (how many know how much that hurts?)

Primarily though I think honour is a forgotten value because we lack values. We struggle to identify value in those who don’t align with our ideas and by not recognising value, we then fail to honour. Just look at the polarisation of our political climate right now where honour is without doubt a missing value.

Consider the apostle Peter’s words: “Recognise the value of every person and continually show love to every believer. Live with reverence and holy awe of God. Honour your rulers.” 1 Peter 2:17 TPT

In the KJV the scripture reads “honour all men”.

Notice the wording in all men. The wording doesn’t leave any wiggle room. It’s not open to misinterpretation or misunderstanding; the context is clear, no space for alternative or preference.

Peter leaves for us an anthem, a lifesong:

Honour all man.

Love the brotherhood (and the sisterhood).

Fear God.

Honour the king.

We are going to explore honour as we go through this series, but first things first… Honor is spelt with a you!

Honour starts with me.