About Chasing Light

Chasing Light – The Blog, is a journey of discovering God in my everyday ordinary shared along the way with a group of amazing individuals and friends.

About the Author:
Nathan Thebridge shares a passion to really know God, to chase light in the ordinary and every day. He and his wife Norma live in Sydney Australia with their two children Rachael and Aaron, and their dog Oliver.

One comment

  1. Craig Hingston · November 18, 2015

    In your every day ordinary. How important! Everyone lives busy lives. We jam more and more into them. Which doesn’t always leave room for intimate times with God as we should. They struggle to set time aside thinking there is going to be a supernatural encounter compressed into those minutes. But, knowing how to recognise Him in the ordinary. THe “stuff”. And give thanks, that is fantastic! Great idea Nathan!


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